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All of our practices and their employees have been registered at the institutions for quality and their legal policies. This way we can ensure that you get the highest quality and service. Every practise has its own specialities and is connected to the other practices so that you can use all of their specialities. Therapies we offer include physical therapy, psychotherapy, nutrition advice, medical podiatry, ultrasonography, personal training, dry needling therapy and shockwave therapy. Our vision Our vision is to help patients by giving them the personal attention they need. We work as a team so that we can provide you with the specific treatment for your complaints. At our practice we strive to maintain a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere so that we can treat you in the most swift and pleasant way. Personal attention Unlike other practices, we find it very important to find out what you need as an individual. Everyone is unique and everybody is unique and needs their own personal treatment. At the first appointment we try to identify your personal needs and discuss your length of treatment. Please let us know if you have any special requests or questions: we are here to help you.
About Paramedical Centre Duivendrecht (PMCD)
Paramedisch Centrum Duivendrecht Dorpsplein 40 1115 CW DUIVENDRECHT E W